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A National Sensation

Since Baum's Fried Pecans launch in January 2018, we have successfully been placed in over 3,500 locations in 48 states in the United States. 

If you can't find us just ask for the treat you cannot put down!

A curious and delicious flash fried treat!

Baum's Fried Pecans are made with nothing but the love and passion of Louisiana and that special touch of the Deep South. We only source the best pecans the South has to offer to provided quality and flavor beyond comparison.

Indulging your pecan addiction just got faster!

“These are not your average pecans – they are FRIED. Yes, honey! The Southern food Gods spoke, and a miracle was performed. BAUM's FRIED PECANS. They are salty. They are sweet. They are fried. Sugar and salt crystallized to the rich pecans. Perfect!”


 Ashley & Kim

 ~ CityDish ~

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